Soulful and Sensational Songstress

CC Soul is an exhilarating entertainer with dynamic stage presence and a wide musical range.  Excellent for intimate settings and can expand to include other multi-talented musicians and vocalist to create exciting and phenomenal entertainment. With exquisite attire, colorful interaction with the audience and a flexible repertoire that includes many genres, jazz, blues, pop, R & B, and top 40 hits, CC Soul helps to create a memorable, professional and outstanding event.  Having years of experience performing, recording, or sharing the stage with a vast and diverse number of performers such as Rob Holbert and Mirage,  Andrea Helms, Led and Love Company, The Gospel Deliverers, Andrea Dawson, Jackie Don Loe, Perry Jones, Harold “Superstar” Walker, Tony DeCicco, Carl “The General” Bush, Suffering Charlie, Robin “Texas Slim” Sullivan, Joey Love, Bill Cornish, Jerome “Popcorn” Louden, TuTu Jones, Brent Rozelle, Paul Byrd, Chant Duplantier, Marc Benno, Randy Ball, Mike Johnson, Gaika James, Jake Glenn, Bobby Patterson, and Lou Hampton,  just to name a few.

Raised with a gospel influence, and the God given gift and passion for singing, CC Soul has the ability to capture the hearts of her audience on the first note and take them on a soulful journey.  Having the flexibility to perform music from different genres, CC Soul has played venues that include Nate’s Seafood, The Londoner, The Hilton, La Buena Vida Vineyards, Carnival Cruises, corporate events, weddings, funerals, and private affairs, in and outside of Texas.